Laser Skin Tightening
in Latham, NY

What is Laser Skin Tightening?

Laser skin tightening is a procedure that works to firm and smooth the skin on the face, chest, arms, and stomach for a more youthful complexion.

Who is a Candidate?

Adults who feel that they have excess, loose, or sagging skin can often benefit from this procedure. It is important that you have good skin elasticity, be healthy, and have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. A consultation with Dr. Chao can best determine if this treatment is right for you.

The Laser Skin Tightening Procedure

At our office, skin tightening can be achieved with GentleYAG and Sublime treatments.  Both of these laser treatments work by gently heating deep tissues to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening for a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

Skin tightening laser treatments typically take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Patients will experience a warming sensation on the skin, with little to no discomfort.

Generally, patients will require 3-5 treatment sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart to see optimal results.

Results and Recovery

Following skin tightening laser treatments, patients may experience some temporary swelling. Because this procedure is nonsurgical, there is no downtime needed, so patients can return to their everyday routines as soon as they feel comfortable. Results are usually seen about 90 days to six months after the fourth treatment.

If you are interested in tightening your skin with lasers, contact our office today! We would be happy to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Chao.