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NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction and Hair Transplantation technique

Chao Plastic Surgery and Upstate Hair are pleased to announce that our hair restoration program is now using the most modern Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, called NeoGraft. Upstate Hair is one of the first microsurgical hair restoration facilities to bring this newest and latest technology of aesthetic hair restoration to Upstate New York.

 NeoGraft is a revolutionary patented hair transplantation device that advances and refines the procedure of hair transplants. The NeoGraft system is the product of ten years of research and development, offering the next generation in hair transplantation a more reproducible and aesthetically appealing hairline. NeoGraft is currently being used in Europe and Asia and has been recently FDA cleared for use in the U.S. Over 6,000 hair transplants have been done with this device in the last two years with excellent results.

Two Methods of Havesting Hair Follicles - Strip Vs. NeoGraft

Currently there are two modern methods used in doing transplants: The STRIP harvesting method and the FUE method using NeoGraft. With the Strip method, a section of scalp is excised and the scalp is sewn together. Next, the hair follicles or grafts including their bulbs are separated from each other into units of one to four hairs by the technicians and inserted into tiny slits in the balding area. The follicles with a single hair are placed in the front to define the hairline.

 Using the FUE method with NeoGraft, the scalp is not excised as small hair follicle units are removed directly from the donor area. In this hair restoration procedure, a 0.8 mm punch excision is used in the skin around the upper part of the follicular unit (hair follicles). The hair follicle is then extracted directly from the scalp and placed into tiny slits in the balding area similar to the STRIP method.FUE with NeoGraft Versus Traditional Strip Harvesting.

Quicker Recovery, More Grafts and Fewer Scars with FUE

Patients save time and money because this new automated technology allows more hair grafts to be harvested than current manual FUE surgery. The NeoGraft automated FUE technique is also less invasive than the traditional linear STRIP method used by most hair restoration surgeons today. Most importantly, as compared to the linear STRIP excision technique there is no unsightly donor scar when the hair is worn short. Finally, this office based procedure and technique is greatly desired by patients because it allows for a quicker recovery and less postoperative down time.

No Surgical Cutting of Scalp

Automated FUE with NeoGraft is the most recently developed hair transplant device and procedure approved by the FDA that does not involve a linear incision. With the NeoGraft FUE technique there is no cutting of or excising the scalp, therefore no suturing or staples is required. As a result there is no visible linear scar. There is virtually no bleeding and almost immediate surgical recovery. Individual results and experience may vary.

Up to 2,500 Grafts Per Day

Hair restoration surgery with automated FUE using NeoGraft removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings of about 1-4 hairs. NeoGraft revolutionizes FUE hair transplantation by using a 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm punch allowing for a higher percentage of survivable hair grafts and a more natural look at the frontal hair line. Our surgical team can harvest up to 2500 graft per a day using NeoGraft. Individual results and experience may vary.

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NeoGraft Hair Transplant

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